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With our complete IT support monthly plans for your business you can have a predictable budget for your IT needs, and peace of mind knowing your systems are at their top performance level. We give you the best as you should expect from any provider.

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IT Consulting

Our job is to provide your business with most beneficial computer support and IT consultancy, ensuring that our solutions address client needs, including training, implementation and maintenance options, with highest-rated client satisfaction.

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On-premise Training

IT Training can not only help your staff become more efficient, it can also help protect your network. Malware, viruses, and the latest ransomware attacks are only a click away from taking down your entire business. Grace IT offers security training on site or remotely.

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  • What Exactly Is "Managed Services"?
    What Exactly Is "Managed Services"? A managed services provider (MSP) is most often other people managing the IT Systems that you rely on every day to be productive.... we are your "IT Department". We give you the freedom to be more productive by not worrying about setting up software, running cables, researching the right equipment and software to purchase and more time-consuming parts of technology. When it comes to "Managed Services" there is no single, neat definition so here is what you need to know...
  • Do I Need A Server For My Business?
    Do I Need A Server For My Business? It is more common than ever for offices – especially for larger companies – to possess two different types of computers: a computer on which individuals perform their daily tasks and one centralized computer that stores the resources all other computers on the network can access. The second type of computer is known as a server, and its function is to hold the information that’s on all of the computers, allow and deny access of various files to appropriate parties, as well as to provide a high level of security for the company’s information. While servers are regarded as a…
  • Small Business Wifi & What You Need To Know
    Small Business Wifi & What You Need To Know For most small to medium size business, a wireless network has become an essential part of their day. Running all those cables throughout the office is not only time consuming but expensive. A wireless network can be a lot less painful and less cumbersome to setup. A wireless network can offer easy setup, scaling and flexibility for employees for customers. But there are a few things to consider...
  • How to avoid Phishing Scams
    How to avoid Phishing Scams What is Phishing? Phishing is the activity of fraud through an online account holder. This can include an attempt to acquire sensitive information like your usernames, passwords or worse, financial information. Phishing is usually carried out via email. In today’s blog post, we will discuss phishing email scams, how to avoid them, and what to do if you receive one. A phishing email scam could look like a regular email at first; however, there are a few things you may notice upon further investigation.
  • How to handle browser hijacking
    How to handle browser hijacking We have all been there, safely browsing the web when all of a sudden the speakers starts yelling that "Your system is infected!" or an annoying webpage or pop up that just won't let you navigate away. You begin to freak out, your coworkers are looking over your shoulder, you feel as if you have infected your entire home or business network, doomsday is here. Do these pop-ups really mean your computer has become infected?