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Managed Services
Managed Services
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What Exactly Is "Managed Services"?

A managed services provider (MSP) is most often other people managing the IT Systems that you rely on every day to be productive.... we are your "IT Department". We give you the freedom to be more productive by not worrying about setting up software, running cables, researching the right equipment and software to purchase and more time-consuming parts of technology. When it comes to "Managed Services" there is no single, neat definition so here is what you need to know...

What is Managed Services?

  • Managed Services cover the maintenance of your technology for a set monthly fee.
  • A MSP monitors the health of your computers, and alerts you when something goes wrong.
  • Managed Services normally includes applying all critical patchesfixes, and updates to your computer systems automatically.
  • It provides preventive maintenance for your computers and networks.
  • In many cases an MSP works remotely, so you don't have to wait for them to come to your office every time you need help or work done. 
  • Most managed service providers also use a 'ticketing' system so that they can keep track of all work and provide timely, efficient IT support. 

Managed Services means predictable expenses

One of the key features of a Managed Service Agreement is that the maintenance of your systems is provided for a flat monthly fee.

You still pay for Adds, Moves, and Changes, but maintenance is included. If anything that was working suddenly stops working, you MSP will fix it for no additional charge. This helps makes yourIT budget very stable and predictable - a huge plus for small business owners!

The Benefits of IT Management for Small Businesses

Many small businesses don’t consider managed services because they think it would be too expensive or that their business doesn’t warrant that kind of management. What most small businesses don’t realize is that there are managed services that focus specifically on the needs of a business their size. These services can save time, money and help a small company get the most out of its regular work day.

Managed services offer the basic services that keep any size business running. They are the little programs that no one bothers thinking about but without them, everything would stop. That is why it is so important to have an expert who can keep everything working in the background so a company never has to worry. 

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